FranBerLube™ AdvantagesBespoke, Cost-Effective Solution

Bespoke, Cost-Effective Solution

Off-the-shelf material restricts buyers to fixed sizes and materials, which can be inflexible.
Choose FranBerLube™ for a tailored solution, custom-made for your application.
FranBerLube™ offers a tailored solution in size, number, specification or application. FranBerLube™ is offered in bearings, split bearings, plates and washers in special bronze alloys which are chosen for their heat, wear and corrosion resistance. FWB engineers offer a full consultancy as part of the production process and are skilled in producing bearings specific to your application. The self-lubricating inserts can be set in a variety of patterns according to the application, while the lubricant itself is selected for best performance in the required environment.
Traditional bearings are associated with on-going maintenance costs and costly interruptions in production.
Choose FranBerLube™ as a maintenance-free, cost-effective investment.
The extended lifetime of a FranBerLube™ product along with its maintenance-free benefits make it a cost-effective investment. Many of our clients recognise the advantages of FranBerLube™ and now use the product as standard in more traditional settings.