FranBerLube™ FranBerLube™ Products

FranBerLube™ Products

One Piece Bearings
  • Plain one piece bearings can be produced from shell, sand, centrifugal or continuous castings.

Flanged Bearings
  • This type of bearing can be supplied with self-lubricating flange faces where the application involves end thrust.

Split Bearings
  • Some applications require split bearings and these requirements can be met quite readily.

Plates & Washers
  • Virtually any type of wear plate (flat, vee or special) can be supplied, including pre-drilled fastening holes and other features.

Special Shapes
  • A self-lubricating bearing can be designed for most oscillating, sliding and rotary motions.

PTFE of Graphite
  • Inserts are available in PTFE or graphite and are set in various geometric patterns according to the application.