FranBerLube™ AdvantagesIdeal for Hard-To-Access Areas

Ideal for Hard-To-Access Areas

The deployment of a maintenance team to service traditional bearings in remote or hostile locations can be costly and impractical.
Choose FranBerLube™ for a maintenance-free, long-lasting solution for hard-to-access areas.
Special alloys are chosen for their superior properties and corrosion resistance. High-performing lubricants are chosen for your specific application. FranBerLube™ products have a longer life-span than traditional bearings and require little to no maintenance throughout their lifetime. FranBerLube™ products have therefore been selected as a maintenance-free solution in the following applications:
  • Remote railways
  • Mines
  • Earth-moving
  • Sluices
  • Weirs
  • Dock gates
  • Hydro-electric schemes
  • Other marine based renewable technologies