FranBerLube™ AdvantagesMaintenance-Free Solution

Maintenance-Free Solution

To ensure smooth, consistent operation, traditional bearings require regular monitoring and maintenance. Machines are removed from production, stripped and re-greased, then reassembled. Downtime can be costly and cause unacceptable delays in production.
Choose FranBerLube™ bearings to avoid ongoing maintenance costs and unnecessary machine downtime.
Since the solid graphite or PTFE lubrication in FranBerLube™ is an integral part of the bearing material and is continually and consistently applied, there is no requirement for external greases or oils. This makes our products maintenance-free for their entire operating life. FranBerLube™ bearings are therefore an ideal solution when regular maintenance routines are impractical or undesired. This is especially useful in production lines where output must remain uninterrupted. Application examples include food machinery, conveyors and turbines.