FranBerLube™ AdvantagesOperate in Extreme Temperatures

Operate in Extreme Temperatures

External lubricants will degenerate over time meaning they have to be consistently applied. They can also become ineffective in extremes of temperature, causing the bearing to seize.
Choose FranBerLube™ for dependable, continual lubrication in extremes of temperature.
Francis W. Birkett engineers have developed a unique range of graphite and PTFE lubricants to give continually high performance in hot and cold environments. This special solid lubrication is contained within pockets in the bearing walls and lasts for the entire bearing lifetime. Special lubricants have been developed to withstand fluctuating or extremes of temperature. Our technical team will advise on the best lubricant for your application. Examples of FranBerLube™ in use in extreme conditions:  
  • Some well-drilling and mining locations, where equipment is exposed to freezing conditions for a long period of time.
  • Within steelworks furnaces, foundry equipment or heat exchangers. FranBerLube™ offers exceptional performance in extremely high temperatures (up to 400°C).