Kate Moss

J. T. Price were selected to cast statues of Kate Moss due to their considerable experience in sand casting other large and detailed sculptures and statues.

Kate Moss 1
Kate Moss_307

This statue of Kate Moss, which is one of a range designed by the artist Marc Quinn, was cast in tin bronze and subsequently spray painted white to look like marble. The figure depicts the supermodel in a yoga position and required large, thin sectioned, highly defined panels to be produced to tight tolerances.

In comparing the size of the man in the photo to the sculpture itself, the scale of the project is truly evident. The statue has been displayed in the Netherlands and also in a New York exhibition alongside other Kate Moss figures that were also supplied by J. T. Price.

Kate Moss Caryatid
Kate Moss Fortuna
Kate Moss Venus
Kate Moss Victory
Kate Moss Laocoon
Kate Moss Nike