Art & Architectural Products

J. T. Price produces sand cast art and architectural products, façade panels, curtain walls and ancilliary pieces from a few grams to very large in scale and weight. Our highly skilled workforce and unique processes have enabled us to work with world renowned artists and architects , installation and envelope specialists across the world for more than 20 years.

A range of specially developed proprietorial techniques enable us to manufacture castings of significant size, whilst retaining highly-defined finishes and maintaining incredibly thin sections (5mm). Benefits for large scale projects include maximised speed of production and costs that can be more readily controlled.

One of our key specialties is the production of thin section and highly defined cast panels for use in large scale façade and curtain wall projects. We continue to be involved in highly prestigious building projects, where we work very closely with the architect on both aesthetic design and structural compatibility. We supply all copper based materials but often produce projects in various aluminium, special iron or steel alloys. Examples of this are: