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Company Overview

Spunalloys is the UK’s leading producer of ferrous and non-ferrous centrifugal castings in heat, wear and corrosion resistant alloys.

Spunalloys produces ferrous and non-ferrous centrifugal castings up to 2750mm in diameter and 4000mm in length. We proof machine all castings and routinely finish machine and assemble components in our on-site machine shop.


We have a wide range of horizontal and vertical spinning machines which are supported by thirteen induction furnaces with a maximum total cast weight of 13,000kgs. Our extensive range of steel dies come in a variety of shapes and sizes to produce straight, flanged and tapered rings and tubes and near-net-shape castings.

The centrifugal process creates a very tight and defined grain structure due to the management of directional solidification of molten metal under high pressure. Our dies are rotated at very high speeds, creating a centrifugal force which throws the dense, liquid metal to the outside diameter, where it cools against the die wall from the outside in. Less dense impurities ‘float’ to the bore and are subsequently removed during proof machining.

Our trained metallurgists routinely alloy our own material in conjunction with our laboratory spectrometers.

Spunalloys: A Division of Westley Group

Spunalloys is part of the foundry and engineering consortium Westley Group, whose strategic investment has seen Spunalloys expand its traditional copper, iron and nickel-based material range to include stainless steel and super duplex alloys.

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Company History

Spunalloys has been established for over 50 years and has built a reputation as a leading supplier of quality centrifugal castings.

Originally based in Walsall in the West Midlands, the foundry was initially started by the Luss family and grew steadily over many years manufacturing general engineering parts for the local industry. Over the years, the company established itself as the UK’s leading centrifugal casting foundry and increased its export market in Europe.

Spunalloys purchased the centrifugal casting business of a local foundry called A. Fryer & Sons. Fryer’s were a well-established family business with a good reputation for manufacturing large items. This larger size range was introduced at the Walsall site and this marked an increase in the company’s business, particularly for the bearing and marine industry sectors.

Ultimately, Spunalloys was purchased by Westley Group and began to forge close links with Westleys sand casting foundry in Cradley Heath. Westleys foundry had been established in the 1800’s and whilst they operated separately they complemented each other’s ability to offer the customer a Total Casting Service.

Spunalloys was latterly moved from its Walsall base onto the Westley foundry production site in Cradley Heath creating one large centrifugal and sand casting foundry. The decision to merge the two businesses on to one site was taken to better serve customers. This was achieved by generating flexibility across one main production site. A new purpose built proof machine shop was commissioned and closer ties with Westley Finish Machine Shop were established.

Spunalloys and Westley Group’s Finish Machine Shop continue to operate from the Cradley Heath site as a formidable partnership providing fully machined, assembled, tested and certified solutions for customers.