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Company Overview

Meighs & Westleys has over 200 years’ experience manufacturing sand castings in heat, wear and corrosion resistant alloys.


Our ongoing success in the supply of high-integrity castings is thanks to our emphasis on quality, on-time delivery and finish machining / assembly solutions. Our knowledge and expertise is globally recognized and enables us to supply throughout the UK and Europe, the Far East, the USA and beyond. Meighs & Westleys is a leading supplier to the UK Ministry of Defence and naval defence contractors including Babcock, Rolls Royce and BAE Systems.

Meighs & Westleys: A Division of Westley Group

Formed from the merger of Meighs Castings Ltd and Westleys Ltd, Meighs & Westleys has access to the resources and expertise of all Westley Group companies and can therefore provide a TOTAL CASTING & MACHINING SERVICE; a fully traceable production process from geometric design and casting manufacture right through to third party witness inspection, machining and assembly. Our finish machine shop is located at our site in Cradley Heath and offers machining, assembly and pressure testing of components.


Company History

Our roots go back over 200 years, but the modern-day Meighs & Westleys is at the forefront of casting technology and development.

William Westley was a famous cartographer in the 1730’s who produced many printed maps of early Birmingham by the process of brass engraving. In 1731 William Westley produced the first street map of Birmingham. It is thought that the initial brass foundry cottage industry, which started in Dudley in the middle to late 1700’s, was inspired by the very maps that were engraved by William Westley. The first purpose built brass foundry was established in Dudley in 1800 and was called ‘The Queens Cross Foundry’. William Westley was the Proprietor. Main products were bearings for machinery being used by the new coal and metal enterprises just starting within the industrial revolution. The creation of numerous rolling mills for iron and steel development led to a large market for bronze rolling mill bearings.

Westleys developed special bronze alloys called ‘steel mixtures’, which were leaded bronzes of varying hardness for different applications. The railway age led to a huge requirement for the bearings for rolling stock, and various testimonials exist to support the quality of Westley bearings being supplied to this industry. Up until the 1950’s/1960’s, these types of bearings were still being ordered for use in the old railway systems of various commonwealth countries.

Since the 1700’s, Meighs & Westleys has evolved into the most modern of suppliers, at the forefront of sand castings manufacture and technology. We have remained sustainable due to the diversity of markets served and our renowned reputation for uncompromising quality control.