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There are many rewarding reasons why our employees choose to progress their careers with us. From continuous development opportunities and improvement initiatives, to experiencing challenging and exciting projects, we offer a diverse, safe, motivating and fulfilling environment.


Our Team

Our employees are the face of our business and our most valuable assets. While everybody’s contributions are unique, when combined they create the ultimate team; they’re engaged and understand their own objectives as well as the Company’s. Our team is more than the sum of the individuals, but our team is nothing without the individual people.

Our Culture

Each one of our employees is different, but everyone has a few things in common. We are: 1. Safety conscious 2. Open, honest, and fair 3. Committed 4. Respectful 5. Friendly. Together, these qualities allow us to create an environment for our team to deliver industry-leading results.

Our Commitment

Our people are our top priority. When our people thrive, Westley Group thrives. They are the face of our business. We are committed to providing all employees access to learning and training to nurture talent, to inspire, to motivate and to challenge, so that all employees can offer their best to the team.

Discover Life at
Westley Group

Paul Haines: Sales

“We have decades of experience. We know what our customers need and where possible we try to give it them.”

Paul Holmes: Maintenance

“Our assets are large scale, heavy industry equipment and subject to significant pressure. No two days are the same and solutions are required every day.”

Oliver Sproson: Inspection

“It is incredibly rewarding to have responsibility for such safety critical products. It always amazes me what the end use is and the importance of the component.”