Precision Machined Bar and Forgings - Francis W.Birkett
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Precision Machined Bar and Forgings

Francis Birketts compliments the machining of castings with the machining of bar, tube, and forgings. Items can be machined from solid or hollow bar/forgings, as well as centrifugal castings. Bar fed and single unit lathes are available, supplying very bespoke single units through to high volume batch runs.

For the supply of top-quality centrifugally cast products from a single source, Francis W Birkett’s sister company, Spunalloys, manufactures spun-cast rings and tubes in all copper and nickel-based alloys. We can therefore manage the entire production process, from raw material to machining and testing, ensuring full traceability and reliability in the supply chain. We are also to advise on material selection by pulling on Group metallurgical knowledge. We supply components for dump trucks, cranes, pulleys, pumps, bearings, and marine diesel engines. We have invested in driven tooling in recent years as well as machines capable of machining larger sizes through turning or milling. All components are measured and validated by a combination of mobile and fixed CMM measuring equipment, digital micrometres, digital shadow graph and surface finish testing machinery.