Melting and Metallurgy - Meighs & Westley
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Melting and Metallurgy

Meighs and Westleys alloys all its own material by in house metallurgists collaborating on every melt across it’s suite of 20 electric induction furnaces. Every melt is analysed in real time in the on-site laboratory using a combination of Optical Emission spectrometry, X-ray spectrometry, LECO Carbon Sulphur analysis, ELTRA Oxygen and Nitrogen analysis, and Olympus in-depth microstructure analysis, to provide accurate metallic and non-metallic make up and equivalents so that every component is manufactured to an exacting in-house proprietorial target chemistry.

Materials manufactured include all of the long and short freezing range of copper based alloys such as Aluminium Bronze, Nickel Aluminium Bronze, Copper Nickels, Phosphor Bronze, Gunmetal and ‘Brass’. As well as nickel based alloys like Alloy 625 and Monel®. Meighs and Westleys produces over 150 different alloys and continues to work with customers and navies to write and refine material standards to optimise production and value in use.


  • Vast pouring flexibility with 20 x electric induction furnaces
  • Low turbulence pouring employing our HPLT/durville  process technologies produces defect-free component quality levels
  • On-site heat treat to all standards
  • On-site radiography suite
  • Optical Emission Spectrography (OES) analysis of every furnace melt

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