Core Skill Set - Meighs & Westley
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Core Skill Set

  • Infinite moulding and pouring flexibility
  • Low turbulence pouring employing our HPLT/durville  process technologies produces defect-free component quality levels
  • Machine moulding and hand moulding from small to very large
  • Advanced core-making capability for components with highly cored and intricate internal passageways
  • Thin section, very large panels for architecture and sculpture
  • Trained methods engineers with pouring software (Magmasoft)
  • 2 large 3D pattern printing machines for speed and accuracy (Big Rep Studio)
  • Traditional on-site pattern making
  • Rapid prototyping
  • On-site heat treat to all standards
  • On-site radiography suite
  • Spectrographical analysis of every furnace melt
  • All forms of non-destructive testing
  • Experienced approved and coded welders in all alloys
  • Finish machining of all castings at any size and complexity
  • Project management for finish machining, kitting, full assembly