Safety Critical Equipment - Meighs & Westley
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Safety Critical Equipment

Meighs & Westleys supports Spunalloys with the strategic requirement for Class 1 components for the UK’s naval programme. Most of these components are pressure containing, flow related components, that are specified to prevent aggressive seawater corrosion such as the primary and return end heat exchange headers for the main condensing system of the nuclear reactor. Produced to net shape using a static sand casting process, a proprietary alloy and running system eliminate selective phase corrosion of previous bronze components.

The complex internal waterway shaping requires robust mould construction, with clever locations to still utilise the proprietary ’tilt/pour’ durville process, preventing turbulence during the filling of the mould and eliminating oxide entrainment. Intensive NDE including 100% radiography is used to prove the integrity of these weld-free, sub-safe, critical components prior to finish machining, assembly and pressure testing.