Forged Alloys - Spun Alloys
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Forged Alloys

Westley Group offers an extensive range of high integrity forged alloy products to complement our supply of industry leading sand and centrifugally cast products.

Our ability to supply forged alloy products supports our core focus of providing our customers with a complete ‘Engineered Solutions’ service and the provision of multi-form materials packages.

These forged alloy products are manufactured using the latest, state-of-the-art forging techniques to ensure unrivalled product quality and service parameters. Re-forging ingot to completely bespoke alloy specification is supplied via Spunalloys, the ‘Group’s’ centrifugal foundry. Spunalloys’ ability to offer both standard re-forging billet and higher integrity, centrifugally cast re-forging stock, for ring forgings and other ‘hollows’, ensures our customers of the highest quality forgings to the tightest chemistry.

Our forgings are supplied in a range of Cu and Ni based alloys with particular focus on Naval defence standards and aerospace grades. Please contact us for more information on our scope of supply.

What are the benefits of sourcing your forged product requirements from Westley Group?

  • Vast experience supplying and manufacturing Naval Defence alloys and Aerospace materials.
  • Single source supplier of all your materials needs with the ability to fully project manage the supply of first level multi-form materials packages.
  • Two in-house machine shops, with full assembly and test facilities, to enable the supply of finished machined, assembled and tested components.
  • A quality assured supplier with ISO 9000 and Sabre approvals to complement our class approvals.
  • An established supplier to all tier 1 and key sub-tier UK Naval Defence customers and we continue to develop a strong positon in key overseas naval supply chains.