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At the heart of Walter Frank’s heritage is the gravity die casting process (manual and semi-automated) which was a fundamental part in our pioneering work in establishing light weight British Instantaneous Fittings for use in UK Fire Brigades and beyond. This process remains a cornerstone of our business today, and the development of skill and knowledge over many decades has allowed us to not only evolve our range of products to service the global fire protection market but also to supply bespoke sophisticated castings to customers own design.

As part of the wider Westley Group, we also have a wealth of knowledge and experience on the casting of copper based alloys. Our specialist sand casting foundries have a diverse range of moulding platforms that support the range of corrosion resistant materials that we offer for our Fire Hydrant Valves. Alloys such as nickel aluminium bronze spearhead our solutions to meet the demands of the most harsh of environments.