FranBerLube™ Overview


FranBerLube™ is Francis W Birkett’s trademark self-lubricating bearing product, offering exceptional performance and reliability in the harshest of environments.
Traditional bearings require the addition of grease or oil to reduce friction and ensure smooth operation. External lubricants can only remain effective for a period of time and such systems require constant monitoring and persistent application. A regular maintenance routine is required or the bearing will seize and break down.
FranBerLube™ products incorporate pockets of graphite or PTFE lubricant within the bearing walls. As an integral part of the bearing material, this lubrication is constantly applied to the wearing surface and remains part of the product for its entire life-span. This makes FranBerLube™ products self-lubricating and maintenance-free for the life of the bearing. FWB offers a bespoke response to your bearing needs, with solutions tailored to your individual requirements, whether by size, material or application.

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