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Privacy Policy

Westley Group and all subsidiary companies belonging to the Group are committed to good practice, professionalism and integrity throughout all areas of its business.  We protect the privacy of our customers, suppliers and employees alike, ensuring all communications with Westley Group are held in the strictest confidence, whether obtained via this website or in other forms of communication.  For the purpose of this Privacy Notice, reference to the Westley Group includes all Group subsidiary companies.

Data submitted via this website will only be gathered to assist Westley Group in understanding the profile of its customers, suppliers and potential candidates, in order to monitor and improve its services, or to process applications.  By registering your details on this site you consent to us collecting personal data for the purpose of Westley Group managing their relationship with you as an individual or on behalf of the business detailed.

All personal data, such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, are gathered purely for the above purposes and will be held on secure servers.  In order to comply with legislation we are obliged to hold relevant data for set periods, details of which can be obtained from the Data Processor.  Should you wish for your data to be removed from the Westley Group database, you should contact the Data Processor to discuss further.

Westley Group will not disclose your personal data for any reason other than that directly relevant to the above processes, or as required by law and in line with the Data Protection Act 2018.  Should you require additional information regarding the above, or wish to receive a copy of our Privacy Policy, please contact Dee Wheeler (Data Processor) on Tel +44 (0)1384 410111, in writing to Westley Group Ltd, P O Box 1, Doulton Road, Cradley Heath, West Midlands, B64 5QS, or via e-mail:


In the event of a data breach, or suspected data breach, this should be reported immediately to the Data Officer, Dee Wheeler (Human Resources).  Any reported breach, or potential breach, should be reported within 48 hours and will be handled within 24 hours and in strictest confidence.  The Data Officer will complete a Data Breach Investigation Report, liaising with the individual who has reporting said breach.  Subject to the outcome of any investigation, the Data Officer will report back to the individual responsible for reporting said breach and where necessary, will inform and liaise with the ICO.