Quality Assurance and Documentation - Meighs & Westley
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Quality Assurance and Documentation

Quality Assurance and the subsequent documentation has become increasingly more important. In many cases our products must adhere to the most stringent approval and procedures and we need to be able to transparently prove and trace their journey from ingot/route card right though to stamping and testing. The subsequent certification is critical to the customer.

Our staff work incredibly closely with the customer to ensure that our product and our assurance documentation meets the standard required; often it is bespoke on a project by project basis. As a Group we invest hundreds of thousands of pounds each year to get this right for the customer. Our quality procedures are approved to ISO 9001 standards and we offer an extensive range of destructive and non-destructive tests to demonstrate casting integrity.

A technical team of fully trained and qualified metallurgists is responsible for material analysis, ensuring all material meets the chemical requirements of our customers’ orders. We use certified high-quality ingots from reputable material suppliers, and on melting, a melt button is taken from every furnace charge to be checked in one of our on-site spectrometer machines.