Sand Casting - Meighs & Westley
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Sand Casting

Sand casting is a traditional, highly skilled casting method used to manufacture shaped parts in a cost-effective manner. So-named due to the use of bonded sand to create a mould into which molten metal is poured, the process is extremely versatile and allows for simple or intricate castings to be produced. Meighs & Westleys brings a world class plant, procedures, and people together on industry leading scale. Our moulding platforms provide infinite flexibility with machine mould, shell mould, and small, medium, large, very large moulding cells.

Our pouring procedures utilise static pouring or tilted durville pouring stations some of which are designed to utilise full inversion of the mould and tapping directly from the furnace. We provide endless flexibility on batch size with lead times to suit. Our trained methoding team create unique running systems to ensure homogeneity. Moulding envelopes routinely go up to 3700 mm3 / 144”3

  • Infinite moulding flexibility (size and volume)
  • Machine semi-automatic carousel moulding and hand moulding from small to very large
  • Advanced core-making capability for components with highly cored and intricate internal passageways
  • Machine blown core making
  • Thin section, very large panels for architecture and sculpture
  • Trained methods engineers with pouring / running system software (Magmasoft)
  • 2 x large 3D pattern printing machines for speed and accuracy (Big Rep Studio)
  • Traditional on-site pattern making
  • Rapid prototyping