Machining & Assembly - Spun Alloys
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Machining & Assembly

Westley Group has two finish machine shops, both offering a complete fitting and assembly service for all types of product.

Smaller product up to a 600mm envelope is machined at the Francis Birkett machine shop, whereas larger product is machined in our shop located on the Spunalloys site. Both shops have seen considerable strategic investment in recent years, enabling us to finish machine everything we cast. Machining everything that we cast is core to the Group’s strategy. This vertically integrated manufacturing platform provides our customers with a complete solution in relation to product, as well as consistency and security of supply.

The Spunalloys machine shop has flexible and sizeable machinery for large-scale turning and milling, suitable for bespoke projects and requirements. The machine shop also provides CNC turning and milling for higher volume requirements. Flexible, large-scale drilling and slotting, together with pressure testing and witness testing, are managed though this facility too. Many of our customers now choose Spunalloys to manage the complete assembly of their product lines.

Examples of assembly projects:

Bearing Ship Set Assemblies – Manufacture sand and centrifugal ship set assemblies which are all cast and machined in-house prior to being lined with our customers’ proprietorial material.

Condenser Header Assemblies – Manufacture sand and centrifugal assemblies for the condensing and cooling system of naval nuclear reactors.

Column Pipe Assemblies/Water Lubricated Bearings – 25 years’ experience in supplying centrifugally cast column pipe assemblies to our global customer base. One-off or volume assembly items are cast by Spunalloys, then finish machined, fabricated and assembled. Sand cast spiders are also cast by Meighs & Westleys and assembled on-site.

Ring and Seal Assemblies – Manufacture and assembly of ring and seal assemblies for the hydro power industry.