Spunalloys | Westley Group

Specialists in Centrifugal Castings

Spunalloys is the UK’s leading producer of centrifugal castings in heat, wear and corrosion resistant alloys.

Operating at forces in excess of 60G, pouring liquid metal up to 16 tonnes, producing rings, tubes, and bushes up to 2750mm in diameter and 5000mm in length.

Ordinarily, shapes with a large outside diameter (OD) are cast vertically; while tubular shapes whose length exceeds the OD, are manufactured in a die rotating about the horizontal axis.

All products are proof machined to within 3mm of finish sizes and most are finish machined by our in-house machine shops, as part of Westley Group’s fully vertically integrated manufacturing capability. This enables us to manage our customers’ risk through the complete supply of cast, heat treated, tested, machined and assembled castings.
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