Special Shapes - Spun Alloys
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Special Shapes

Whether flanged, stepped, externally shaped, tapered or elliptical, Spunalloys can supply centrifugal castings to suit.

One of our specialties is the production of net shape ‘balls’ for ball valves in all heat, wear and corrosion resistant alloys. Products of this type are supplied proof-machined or finish-machined. Dies can be shaped to suit the specific component to achieve near net-shape castings, while permanent dies can be temporarily modified using ceramic cores to achieve very intricate, near-net-shape centrifugal castings.

Spunalloys’ bespoke centrifugal manufacturing system has been designed in tandem with our technical team and uses complex algorithms to seek out the ideal production set-up for the most complex of shapes. The system searches through our vast range of straight, flanged and tapered dies to ensure the most effective casting solution for your business.