Environmental Policy - Spun Alloys

Environmental Policy

Westley Group regards the promotion of environmental measures as a mutual objective for employees and the residents surrounding our premises.

We are committed to continual improvements and prevention of pollution, which will benefit all employees and the public. We will comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations in the interest of the company, its employees, and the public in reducing emissions to the atmosphere. We will monitor all emissions into the atmosphere as required by the Environmental Protection Act1990 (EPA).

We will follow good Health and Safety systems, which will reduce hazards at source. We will encourage participation and integration with our social partners.

We are committed to gaining accreditation to ISO14001 (EMS).  The company is also committed to environmental improvements and good management. We encourage a preventative approach to pollution control into the atmosphere.

The management will implement plans and train all employees to be environmentally aware, and ensure that key employees within the company are competent. Documentation and procedures will be established and reviewed through an audited system.