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Quality is at the heart of our business and is an integral part of our working processes.

Walter Frank follows rigorous quality procedures set out in our ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System, which is always adopted and never compromised. Our technologically advanced processes enable us to offer materials of renowned quality. Our commitment to quality is the 21st century approach to ‘best practice’ manufacturing.


In May 1986, Walter Frank was registered to BS 5750 Part 2 for the manufacture of BS 336 fittings – the first company in the field to achieve this registration. The scope was subsequently extended to cover the manufacture of all fire-fighting equipment, waterway fittings, non-ferrous castings, machined components and engineering assemblies. There have been several upgrades and registration is now to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 covering design and manufacture.


Whilst we pride ourselves on consistently achieving excellent quality levels, we nevertheless aim to continuously improve our systems and process. We are currently in pursuit of ISO:14001 which sets out the requirements of an effective Environmental Management System.


Walter Frank offers hydrostatic and flow testing to verify casting integrity.


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Testing & Assembly

Both Walter Frank and Francis W Birkett have extensive history of adding value to the product or service via our assembly processes.

Our assembly operations are managed in a stand-alone production cell and supported by our electronic MRP system. The electronic MRP system has had bespoke modification applied to it to enable us to launch unique bills of materials that interact at various levels of the manufacturing process. This can be as simple as having 1 “tier” for a given component where the customer only requires X to meet with Y. However, it can also be applied to very detailed bill of material explosions over multiple levels comprising +20 individual items coming together ultimately to provide the final product.


This complexity can only be supported by our industry leading manufacturing platform, which is able to offer sand castings, centrifugal castings, die castings, shell castings, bought in castings / bar / stampings released into conventional or CNC machining centres and then brought together by warehouse operations into the assembly centre. In the assembly centre highly defined SOP’s are utilised to bring components together along with painting, plating, polishing, degreasing, pressure testing, NDE, packing and certification.


Testing is often based on non-destructive examination by utilising dye penetrant or radiographic procedures. A great deal of our product is supplied into applications requiring PED approval therefore a large proportion of our testing involves hydrostatic testing from a few bar up to very high pressure. Our testing procedures are supplemented by detailed certification requirements from the foundry / mill. Witness testing during all or part of the process is easily accommodated. 


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