Fire Hydrants and Valves - Walter Frank
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Fire Hydrants and Valves

Walter Frank offers the most comprehensive range of outlet type Fire Hydrant Globe Valves available in the market, which meet all the customer needs for this application. Our valves are renowned for compact design with excellent flow characteristics, and are designed and manufactured in accordance with BS5041 and appropriate FM Approvals and Lloyds Type II Approvals by range. Valve bodies and internals are designed rated for maximum 25 bar working pressure (dependant on inlet and outlet pressure rating), with a variety of standard and non-standard flanged and threaded connections.

Our range of Pressure Regulating and Hydrant Globe Valves are available in the four recognized configurations – horizontal, bib-nose, oblique and right angle, with the ability to adapt to any non-standard configuration of connections whilst maintaining its’ product approval. Available in a range of corrosion resistant materials such as gunmetal and nickel aluminium bronze, our valves can also be supplied with a high quality painted finish.

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