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For over a 100 years Walter Frank has been at the leading edge for design and manufacture of products for water transfer in the fire protection and utilities industries. Whether it be a complex Header Assembly for the oil and gas industry, or a simple adaptor for a UK Fire Brigade product performance, quality and service life is at the heart of our process of product design. The design of FM Approved valves has been one of our greatest successes in recent years. We have designed a complete product family most of which carry FM Approval. The designs have seen us lead the market by creating benefits to the end user of configuration, pressure retention and pressure reduction, serviceability, interchangeability, serialisation, and function.

Our experience and understanding of what the end user requires from a product functionality and performance aspect ensures that we apply the most appropriate engineering techniques and materials to guarantee that the customer is always satisfied with the product delivered.

We collaborate with our customers to design and engineer bespoke solutions to meet all needs, including advising on the use of varying corrosion-resistant materials for demanding environments. Our well-resourced UK casting, machining and assembly platforms mean that we are trusted to deliver impressive lead times, as well as high quality products.