Westley Group Plays an Integral Role in Critical Defence Standard Reviews

January 2021

In support of the UK MoD, Lloyds Register and QinetiQ, Westley Group is playing a vital role in assisting the review and revision of key naval defence material standards in support of critical applications on the UK Navy’s submarines and surface ships. As a key supplier of high integrity castings and forgings to these strategic applications, Westley Group’s input is highly valued as a manufacturer and supplier.

The review team, consisting of the end user’s technical personnel, prime contractors, support materials and corrosion specialists, valued Westley Group’s advice and input. They found our unrivalled know-how and experience of working to stringent standards invaluable, as well as our proposed amendments to the current standards regarding the impact on manufacturability and value for money.

Our work in support of these ongoing reviews includes, as an example, the manufacture of test samples and the further empirical data input.

Westley Group remains committed to supporting the UK MoD and its Prime Contractors in these endeavours and to continue the vital role it plays in supporting their critical outputs.