Materials Expertise | Nickel Aluminium Bronze, Cupronickel Chrome
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Materials Expertise

Westley Group manufacture in all the internationally recognised heat, wear and corrosion resistant alloys. Our standard materials include nickel aluminium bronze, cupronickel chrome, leaded gunmetal, aluminium silicon bronze, Monel, and all the exotic steels and special irons.

Across our four businesses we have three metallurgical laboratories where we alloy our own material, with in house metallurgists and furnace men collaborating together across a suite of over twenty five electric induction furnaces. Every melt is analysed in real time in an on-site laboratory using a combination of Optical Emission spectrometry, X-ray spectrometry, LECO Carbon Sulphur analysis, ELTRA Oxygen and Nitrogen analysis, and Olympus in-depth microstructure analysis, to provide accurate metallic and non-metallic make up and equivalents so that every component is manufactured to an exacting in-house proprietorial target chemistry.

We have the led development of no-weld nickel aluminium bronze and copper nickel chrome for naval defence standard applications. Furthermore, we offer an unrivalled, critical design for manufacture (DfM) interface to support component manufacturability and programme risk management, and we are expert in the casting over 400 complex alloys supported by coded and approved welding expertise. Westley Group supports it metals expertise with the management of rigorous material testing procedures, including 100% radiographic inspection, dye penetrant examination, eddy current testing and third party witness inspection.

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