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Sand Casting

Sand casting is a traditional, highly skilled casting method used to manufacture complex shaped parts with variable section thicknesses. So-named due to the use of bonded sand to create a mould into which molten metal is poured, the process is extremely versatile and allows for simple or intricate castings to be produced.

Typically, Sand moulds are produced using wooden pattern equipment which can be reused for repeat orders, or polystyrene patterns for single use.

Sand casting is a popular selection for pump and valve applications, where internal detailing and passageways can be achieved by adding cores during the moulding process.

  • Sand castings from a few kg up to 10,000kg in all heat, wear and corrosion resistant alloys
  • Decades of experience and embedded processes, supported by casting simulation software engineers (MAGMA)
  • Unique HPLT/durville casting process to control oxide formation and to manage shrinkage (no-weld technology)
  • Proprietary running and feeding mechanisms
  • In-house 3D pattern printing machines
  • Routine provision of third-party witness inspection and radiographic examination
  • Single unit to high volume manufacture
  • Semi-automatic boxless carousel manufacturing
  • Secondary reclaimed sand to reduce environmental footprint
  • Shell castings with an envelope from 25mm to 300mm in all copper-based alloys up to 25kg
  • Gravity die castings in aluminium up to 30kg
  • All necessary approval and accreditations