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Accountable, traceable, sustainable

CSR at Westley Group means creating sustainable value for stakeholders and society. We incorporate economic performance, environmental and social responsibility into our CSR strategy. To move beyond traditional profit generation objectives, we leverage our robust economic performance and direct it towards environmental and social governance (ESG). By integrating ESG into our CSR strategy, we have created a profitable model that provides long-term value for all stakeholders.
Our CSR strategy aims to reduce our impact on the environment, protect our employees, and improve the way we operate.

Initiatives 2040

We will continue our commitment to recycling raw materials. 85% of our raw materials are sourced from recycled materials, we reclaim and reuse nearly 100% of our sand, and 100% of our metal waste is recycled back into our products.

Westley Group will be carbon neutral by 2040 by continuing to invest in waste management practices, introducing even more renewable energy to our sites, and planting one million trees to offset carbon pollution.

We have partnered with Ecologi to create the Westley Group Tree Planting Foundation. We pledge to sustainably plant 1 million trees by 2040 to 100% offset our carbon footprint. This process will also invest in communities and people. To view our journey visit: https://ecologi.com/westleygroup

We will invest in renewable energy projects. Solar power technology will be installed across all Westley Group’s main sites, and by December 2023, 15% of our energy will be generated by the power of our collective sunlight.

If you would like to learn more about our initiatives, please download our CSR and ESG presentation.

Our Guiding Principles

Ethical and compliant in every way

  • We will provide a service-driven environment with all employees acting as the face of our business
  • We will provide a culture of continuous improvement that ensures our employees feel motivated and challenged by the business model that we provide them
  • We will provide sites that make our employees feel safe, valued and well organised. Leading to commitment, motivation and employee buy-in, with respect for each other and the shared objectives of the team
  • We will deliver industry leading quality to the customer
  • We will produce industry leading customer communication and on time delivery

Ethics and

  • Openess and transparency
  • Fairness and equality of employment
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Environmental awareness and responsibility
  • Fair dealing and honesty

Our People

Our Employees are at the heart of our business

Together, the many talented individuals we employ are the face of Westley Group and widely respected by our competitors. We want them to feel motivated, protected, secure and challenged. Always dealt with professionally and politely, everyone is fully aware of our business objectives and the visions of each site. With continuous development opportunities and improvement initiatives, they are fully engaged team members who understand their own objectives, as well as feel empowered to contribute their own ideas.

Personnel Safety

Our employees are engaged, caring and embrace zero tolerance to unsafe situations, non-compliance and insufficient training to our standard operating procedures.

  • We proactively measure, promote and analyse workplace activities.
  • We optimise our utilisation of raw materials and energy resources.
  • We are all equal in our joint health, safety and environmental responsibilities.

Our BRONZE safety stance

  • Be aware
  • Routinely check
  • Only proceed if safe
  • Never compromise
  • Zero tolerance
  • Equality in safety

Climate Change

The biggest threat to the foundry industry is climate change, and Westley Group are proud to be facing this most critical of issues head on. We manufacture fully in accordance with International Environmental Management System 14001 2015 and are proud members of the Climate Change Levy scheme, a UK government initiative which responds to the impact of climate change by encouraging high energy using businesses to operate in a more environmentally friendly manner by utilising environmental tax and relief schemes.


Westley Group are founding members of the UK Safety & Health Foundry Targets Initiative (SHIFT) which is a scheme designed and managed by the UK foundry industry to share knowledge and best practice across the industry to drive down the rate and seriousness of accidents in foundries and associated metals businesses. It ensures that health and safety attains the prominence it deserves, focussing on a broad range of topics from risk assessment to manual handling , slips, trips and falls, to safe systems of work through to occupational health issues such as respirable crystalline silica, legionella, HAV’s and mental health. Members not only share best practice but also statistics on health and safety so that effective benchmarking can be achieved leading to the promotion of health and safety improvement initiatives across the Group.