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The Group is a successful producer of high integrity copper-based sand castings for jack-up oil rigs. Our unique, non-standard, metallurgy and complex NDT requirement, complements large scale CNC milling with detailed certification and verification documentation.

Fully integrated centrifugal casting, sand casting, machining, and fabrication, we specialise in producing column pipes/riser mains/lineshafts for vertical fire pumps in the offshore oil & gas industry. Column pipes/riser mains/lineshafts of various diameters and lengths are horizontally centrifugally cast, proof-machined, finish-machined, assembled, third party inspected and hydro pressure tested. Castings and fabrications are fully traceable to an individual heat number cast, and certified to customer requirements. We have the advantage of producing tubes with integral flanges on one end of the pipe, so only one centre butt weld is required instead of three.

We are also a renowned casting supplier of non-ferrous valve bodies and trim. Valves for oil & gas projects often require a large variance in size and volume. Perfectly placed for high integrity casting production from 3/8″ to +60″ valves, all copper and nickel-based alloys are offered as a complete, vertically integrated supply solution. Unique sand casting methodology controls the metallurgical properties and homogeneity of material to ensure defect-free components.

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