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The PRV9i is a high pressure, end of line valve, whose purpose is to reliably and predictably reduce pressure for operator safety. We were the world’s first manufacturer to introduce an FM Approved pressure regulating valve of this type.

Every aspect of design, tooling, casting, machining, assembly, testing, painting, certification and serialisation is performed in-house. We have an extensive project list for review. Supporting safety critical, high value, capital infrastructure projects for the off-shore and on-shore petrochemical industry, valves are produced in copper-based alloys for maximum corrosion resistance to the harsh application environments.

The PRV9i was retrospectively redesigned and modified to create a two-way manifold for the critical fire safety provision within the Crossrail Tunnel (London) project. The redesign maximised our metallurgical and sand casting strengths to provide the ultimate solution in terms of geometry, metallurgy and end application. Tight tolerance CNC machining, exacting assembly and testing were all pivotal to meeting the demanding delivery requirements.

The Walter Frank 52 Series Fire Hydrant Valve Range was developed as a step up from our 51 Series Commercial Range, to provide customers with an FM Approved option for when a higher approval level is a mandatory requirement to support the protection of high value plant and infrastructure. We offered unrivalled flexibility, again with every aspect of design, tooling, casting, machining, assembly, testing, painting, certification and serialisation performed in-house.

The Walter Frank 53 Series Fire Hydrant Valve Range was developed through the strong relationships we have formed throughout the supply chain, and as a direct result of working closely with an end user to solve a decade old reliability problem. The range now provides a ‘Heavy Duty’ style Fire Hydrant Valve in all configurations, which is unrivalled in both quality and approval (FM Approved).

The full integration of centrifugal casting, sand casting, machining, and fabrication enables us to specialise in producing column pipes/riser mains for vertical fire pumps in the offshore oil & gas industry. Column pipes/riser mains or various diameters and lengths are horizontally centrifugally cast, proof-machined, finish-machined, assembled, third party inspected and hydro pressure tested. Castings and fabrications are fully traceable to individual heat number casts and certified to customer requirements. We have the advantage of producing tubes with integral flanges on one end of the pipe, so only one centre butt weld is required instead of three.

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