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With a rich heritage of producing castings for art and sculptural projects, we often work with specialist art fabricators to supply large scale, thin sectioned panels.

Projects have included sizeable Kate Moss sculptures and other world-renowned projects such as ‘Verity’ in Ilfracombe. Creating these panels with exacting definition is highly skilful, especially when most components are 100% bespoke. Our unique marriage of a sand medium, binding system, running system, metal preparation and gating/feeding mechanism, produces the high quality, defined items envisioned by architects and artists alike.

Numerous structural works over the years include Dublin Spire, Portcullis House in London, and various curtain wall façades. Certain bronzes are bombproof at given section thicknesses and this, coupled with the obvious tactile and visual advantages, has led to many architects and designers choosing copper-based cast products. Castings can be subjected to full NDT, and the alloy along with patina treatment can create almost every colour and texture desired.


More recently, the Group has worked in close partnership with the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, to create the modern casting equivalent for contemporary bells, each with their own distinctive ring tone. Modern foundry moulding and methoding practices have created a unique selling point for the bell ringing world, with castings of exacting and repetitive chemistry being produced for bells such as Linfield and Tilehurst.

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