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A royal send-off for Queen and country

September 2022

The world’s most advanced hunter-killer submarine, HMS Anson, has formally joined the Royal Navy fleet and is the fifth of the Astute class submarines to be commissioned. HMS Anson is a £1.3 billion nuclear attack submarine, equipped with tomahawk and cruise missiles, spearfish torpedoes, and state of the art intelligence gathering assets. Anson will stealthily gather vital intelligence on sea and land, protect other Royal Navy assets during deployment, and be ready to destroy enemy military infrastructure with pinpoint accuracy while staying silent and unseen.

The construction of HMS Anson has been 11 years in the pipeline and required an estimated 20 million labour hours. Westley Group is trusted to do difficult things, and we continue to be one of the key supply-chain partners for the UK’s naval military programmes. The high-quality components we manufacture enable the mission-critical status of HMS Anson and her crew. Without Westley Group this 7400-ton submarine, spanning an impressive 97 meters, would not have been possible to build with the same degree of certainty.

HMS Anson is one of the most advanced and capable nuclear powered attack submarines ever built in the UK. Sadly, following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on the 8th of September, HMS Anson is the last ever boat to be launched in Her Majesty’s name. Westley Group will continue to make the impossible possible, and we will continue to manufacture mission critical components for future boats with the same unwavering commitment. We look forward to boats being launched in King Charles III’s name as His Majesty’s Ship, but we will always remember Queen Elizabeth II.