Acquisition of J Roberts Bronze Components Ltd, Cleckheaton

April 2017

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of J Roberts Bronze Components Ltd, Cleckheaton.

J Roberts is located on St. Peg Lane, approximately half a mile from our existing manufacturing facility on Hightown Road. J Roberts is a machine shop specialising in copper based alloys, which compliments our existing machining and assembly portfolio.

We have openly communicated with all parties that we have been exploring the possibility of selling our existing Hightown Road site for residential housing, which is currently occupied by our combined businesses Francis W. Birkett and Walter Frank. J Roberts has a footprint and infrastructure which will allow for the imminent relocation of these two businesses so that the Hightown Road land can be sold. We aim to move seamlessly into the new premises and operate as normal. The J Roberts business will be consolidated into our existing operations.