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Static Casting Centre of Excellence: The Next Phase of Investment

May 2017

Static Casting Centre of Excellence: The Next Phase of Investment.

We are today embarking on a consultation process to create a centre of static casting excellence that calls upon all the unique skill sets of our two current static cast sites to build a single, world class team of casting and engineering professionals.

The new combined business will be known as Meighs & Westleys Ltd and will be the flagship, static casting division of Westley Group, set up to service all the current customers of Meighs, Westleys and JT Price exactly as it is today but from the one site. There will be one Sales Office, one Compliance & Technical Team, one Quality Team, one Accounts Team, one Operations Team and one Senior Management Team, all located on the one site. In order to start to plan for the move and to be able to continue to service our customer well, it is envisaged that the relocation of some of the staff, employees and support service functions may start to happen during the month of May.

With regard to the infrastructure transfer, this will intentionally be spread over more than one stage. In the initial stages the absolute core competencies and key capital items will be transferred so that we can maintain adherence to manufacturing standards and customer approved procedures. This will include the transfer of simulation data and IP for methoding, inspection and marking out standards and technology, transfer of essential items of laboratory kit including for instance X Ray Spectrometers and carbon analysis and the seamless transfer of our casting X Ray department. In the second stage, which will be completed during 2017, significant items of capital equipment will be relocated which will include the large Durville casting machine and the Heat Treatment and X Ray facility. In the meantime, where necessary these items will be used from the Campbell Rd site.

The changes are designed to be seamless; customers will be able to dial the same number and email the same email address and their main points of contact will remain the same. Quality procedures, work procedures, quality systems and all approvals will remain the same. The Sales Office will be established on the Holditch Rd site as soon as possible (probably by the middle of May), and phones and emails will be transferred seamlessly to that site.

Any queries or questions should be addressed to your usual Westley Group contact.