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New, Large Scale, 3D Printing Machines Installed

September 2020

Meighs & Westleys have installed two, new generation, 3-dimensional printing machines. The £250,000 investment into the BigRep Studio machines puts us at the forefront of the market to generate very quick and accurate tooling.

By working with the customer we are able to more accurately define profiles, radii, draft, and section changes because of the accurate modelling and manufacturing science.  Each unit has a printer bed size of 1000 x 500 x 500 mm and have dual extruder print heads. We are able to print in PLA, Pro HT, PETG and HS materials to give us total flexibility. The machines are also capable of printing carbon fibre.

Colin Toft (General Manager) commented “the 3D printing machines take us to another level in terms of tooling and patterns. Speed, accuracy, and flexibility of new tooling is incredibly important to support our customers.”