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Westley Group holds its annual Apprentice Day

June 2022

Earlier this month, Westley Group held its Annual Apprentice Meeting. The event brings together apprentices from across the company as part of our groupwide apprenticeship program.
The aim of the meeting was to provide our apprentices with a broader overview of Westley Group, helping them understand how their work contributes to the bigger picture. Apprentices from across the company were able to meet up and share their experiences. At Westley Group, we offer 10 different courses, so meeting face-to-face is rare.
Our reputation for manufacturing excellence has been built by generations of hard work by our dedicated employees. We know that the next generation is critical to our success. Our Annual Apprentice Meeting presented a chance to re-emphasize how important apprentices are to the future of the business.
The meeting consisted of a short presentation and networking opportunities. To reward our apprentices for their hard work, we spent an afternoon at Alton Towers!
At Westley Group, we are dedicated to further increasing the number of apprentices we hire and working with apprenticeship providers to deliver quality training.